The Idea

The Hockey Project takes at-risk kids in urban communities and puts them on the ice.

The goal of our organization is to teach life skills, promote academic achievement, and develop character through the game of hockey. The Hockey Project provides inner-city kids with certified training, equipment, and ice-time. The program also provides scholarships for participation in youth leagues and summer hockey camps.

The Creed

We Believe

The game of hockey builds character. Because of the commitment needed to even begin to participate, hockey develops characteristics that carry over into all parts of a player’s life. Perserverence, adaptability, drive, and determination.

We Believe

The game of hockey teaches life lessons

When you fall…get up and move forward. If someone knocks you down…get up and move forward. If you reach a goal…celebrate. If you fail…try harder. If you are put in a no-win predicament…find a way to win.

We Believe

The game of hockey teaches life skills

Unlike typical ball sports, hockey requires a person to learn a new way to physically get from Point A to Point B. The moment you lace up the skates you are put into a situation familiar to people who have suffered a debilitating injury or who were born with a birth defect. You are immediately faced with something that must be overcome in order to continue.

We Believe

This game can change your life.

Because of the unique elements of the game; the sheet of ice, the curved stick, the Zamboni, hockey is a whole new world for those that engage in the game. That world can become a refuge, a place to dwell, evolve, and thrive.